• Printed plastic security label

Security labels

Security labels protect against re-labelling or counterfeiting.

Destructible security labels are always used when it is necessary to prevent the label from being removed and replaced again in the same or in another place.

We offer you two security systems: self-destructing document films tear into many small pieces when an attempt is made to remove such labels. As such, it is impossible to place them on a different object.

On the other hand, if an attempt is made to remove pattern and void films they leave a checkerboard pattern or "VOID" text on both the substrate as well as the label. The label is irreversibly destroyed and cannot be moved elsewhere.

Security labels are used for instance, as guarantee seals, inspection stickers, transport locks, and inventory markers.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), (other) polyesters

Production methods



Virtually any shape is possible, with perforations



Variable information

Sequential numbering, sequential barcodes and alternating inscriptions using digital printing

Form of delivery

Singly, with slotted release paper, with peel-off tab, on strips, on sheets, on a roll


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