• Laser-inscribed anodized aluminium type plate

Laser inscribed

Laser inscription is a method in which the industrial signage is marked by modifying the substrate with the help of an intensive laser beam.

Three variants are available: In laser annealing, colour changes are produced in the material as a result of exposure to heat and oxygen. In laser engraving, a thin layer of the material surface is removed. The third variant uses targeted colour removal of paint layers or coloured anodized layers.

Laser inscription is mainly used for subsequent additions of variable information, such as sequential numbers or barcodes.

Properties and benefits

  1. Lasting legibility
  2. Economical production, even of small series
  3. Variable marking/inscription possible


Type plates, rating plates • Brand mark signs, emblems • Scales, gauges, dials • Blanks, die cut parts, functional parts • Barcode signs • Dog license fee tags • Front plates, front panels


Aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, composite materials

Print colours

As an alternative without colour, with matt-glossy contrast of base material.

Variable information

Sequential numbering, sequential barcodes and alternating inscriptions using embossing, engraving or laser inscription

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Eloxal is short for electrolytic oxidation of aluminium. Anodizing, also known as anodic oxidation, is an electrochemical process in which the surface of aluminium is converted to aluminium oxide. The dense and very hard anodized coating that is produced in the process is firmly joined to the substrate and is highly resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal loads.


In the etching method, industrial signs are inscribed by etching out material using an etchant. Areas that are not to be etched out are covered beforehand with a resist, which protects against the etchant. Here the writing can be recessed (positive etching, deep etching) or elevated (negative etching, relief etching)

Printed, back-printed

In industrial signage that is printed the print colours are transferred to the substrate using printing methods such as screen printing, offset printing or digital printing.


Engraving is a stock-removing method in which the industrial signage is inscribed by removing material with the help of a rotary milling tool.

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