• Plotter-cut plastic film lettering
  • Plotter-cut plastic film lettering

Film lettering

Film lettering can be used to mark large areas on products, surfaces and vehicles.

Plotter cutters are used to cut out free-standing film lettering from solid-coloured, self-adhesive films. The lettering is joined with a transfer paper for easier mounting. Here it is possible to combine films of different colours to produce multi-coloured lettering.

We can offer you a large selection of colours. Special colours are possible by request. The films we use are very adaptable, they don't shrink, and they offer excellent resistance to weather.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Production methods

Plotter cut


Virtually any shape possible


Self-adhesive (large selection of adhesives for a wide range of applications)

Variable information

Using individually plotter-cut lettering

Form of delivery

Singly, with transfer paper

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