• Etched brass brand mark sign
  • Etched brass type plate
  • Etched brass type plate
  • Etched brass type plate
  • Etched brass type plate


Industrial signage made of brass is etched or engraved and is used as signs, front plates, and front panels.

Industrial signs made of brass are used in shipbuilding, mining and wherever sparks are forbidden.

Properties and benefits

  1. Decorative appearance
  2. Heavy weight, premium material impression
  3. High resistance to seawater
  4. Does not generate sparks, suitable for potentially explosive areas


Type plates, rating plates • Brand mark signs, emblems • Scales, gauges, dials • Blanks, die cut parts, functional parts • Barcode signs • Front plates, front panels

Production methods

Etched, engraved


  1. CuZn36
  2. CuZn37
  3. CuZn38

Material thickness

0.5 mm to 3.0 mm


Silk gloss, ground

Related products


Aluminium (Al) is the third most common chemical element and the most common metal in the earth's crust. It is of high importance for the production of industrial signage.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel in various alloys is used for signs, front plates, and front panels. Usually it is etched or engraved.


Plastics are used as sheet material for signs, front plates, and front panels and as film material for front films, keyboard films, and labels. Plastics are also used as protective films, laminates, or casting resins.

Composite materials

Composite materials consist of at least two different materials, the surfaces of which are fully joined to one another; they are used for signs and fronts.

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