Wastewater treatment plant begins operations

Environmental protection in our plant 2

In February 2015, a completely newly built, automated wastewater neutralization plant went into operation at Becher Industrieschilder to ensure the state-of-the-art treatment of flushing water which accumulates in the production of anodized and etched signs, fronts and labels.

Prior to this our electroplating systems were completely modernized. Water-saving measures through the combination of collection, cascading, circulation and ultra-pure water sinks as well as an increase in the holding time of anodizing baths using an aluminium retaining system reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.

An intensive program of substance substitution made it possible to completely eliminate the hazardous materials with the highest risk potential from the production process.

In addition to that a heat recovery system was installed which, with immediate effect covered a large proportion of the required heating energy and considerably reduced heating oil consumption.

With the help of these measures all legal regulations are more than satisfied in our electroplating systems, so our production will continue to satisfy even future requirements.

Mit diesen Maßnahmen werden in unserer Galvanik alle gesetzlichen Verordnungen übererfüllt, so dass unsere Fertigung auch zukünftigen Anforderungen gerecht wird.

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