Becher industrial signage

Professional marking for your products

We produce signs, fronts and labels in small, medium and large runs according to your specific requirements.

Take advantage of our expert advice, profit from our excellent production quality. You can depend on our quick and reliable delivery deadlines!


Type plates, rating plates

Type plates and rating plates identify, classify and describe your products.

Front plates, front panels

Front plates and front panels are the face of your product and the interface to the user.

Front films, keyboard films

Front films and keyboard films make your product stand out visually and help make operation easier.

Technical labels

Technical labels serve as product information or notice on your products for users.


Industrieschilderfabrik Becher GmbH has modernized its corporate image:

Effective immediately, a new digital printing system offering the best in printing quality is in use at Becher industrial signage.

In February 2015, a completely newly built, automated wastewater neutralization plant went into operation at Becher Industrieschilder to ensure the state-of-the-art treatment of flushing water which accumulates in the production of anodized and etched signs, fronts and labels.