About us

We are a medium-sized, family-operated company now in the third generation and we have been producing customized and high-quality signage solutions since 1964.

Among our customers are companies from industrial sectors such as plant and mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, medical technology, the electrical industry, advertising as well as certification bodies and public sector institutions.

Because of our extensive product range, we are able to offer our customers exactly the products they need, all from one source. This means that virtually all production processes are performed on our premises. Only few tasks are outsourced to highly-specialized suppliers with whom we work closely. That is why our customers profit from direct channels and quick response times.

With our employees we produce products of the highest quality on modern production equipment in a production area of roughly 3000 sqm in our two plants. We do this with a commitment to service and personal contact with our customers. We guarantee safe and fair working conditions for our employees. In all our decisions we take the consequences of our actions for the environment and natural resources into consideration, far beyond what we are legally required to do.


Plant 1 Nuremberg: Administration, printing, mechanical processing, final inspection, shipping

Werk 1 Nürnberg: Verwaltung, Drucken, mechanische Bearbeitung, Endkontrolle, Versand


Plant 2 Schnaittach/Kirchröttenbach: Anodizing, etching, printing, painting

Werk 2 Schnaittach/Kirchröttenbach: Eloxieren, Ätzen, Drucken, Lackieren